A fast-paced arcade style breakout game for iOS.

No walls and a circular play field means it’s going to take all your skill to keep the ball in play through all 50 levels.

Get past blocks to destroy Atomic Cores to finish the level and unlock the next.
Simple swipe and flick controls allow you to control the paddle with ease, precision and speed without blocking gameplay.

Blocks rotate, change from breakable to unbreakable and back, increasing the challenge. Clear Bonus Levels for extra points – no power ups or lives are lost if the ball goes out off the play field during Bonus Levels.

Obstacles include Unbreakable Duranium blocks, force fields, rotating barriers and force field generators. Only precision aim takes down the generators to eliminate force fields blocking Atomic Cores in later levels.

The curved paddle allows you to change the angle of the ball by hitting closer to the edge, directing it to where you want it to go.

Controls can be configured for right or left handed.

Requirements: iOS 5.1, iPhone 4 or newer, iPod Touch 4 or newer, iPad.

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iPhone only App

Universal App