Arcadia Slots 2 iOS

Acardia-Slots-2-icon_96Arcadia Slots 2 – Available for iOS and Windows Phone 8

A collection of 12 slot games – 3 reel, 5 reel, single and mulitine slots with Jackpots ranging from 2,500 to 50,000 credits.

These slots come with Bonus Multipliers to increase your winning payouts, Free Spin Bonus rounds that double your wins and Bonus Mystery prizes!

Pharaoh’s Treasures: 

Experience the Mysteries of Egypt via Pharaoh’s Treasures, a 3 reel single line slot game.

Win 5 to 2,500 credits instantly. Wild, 2X Wild and 3X Wild bonus multipliers increase your payouts.

Hit three Tutankhamen Masks on the payline to activate the Bonus Mystery Prize game. Multipliers also increase the Bonus Mystery Prize – win up to 15,000 credits!

Wildfire Bonus:

This three reel, single line slot game gives you a random Bonus Multiplier every that increases your winning paylines, up to 20X!

Will you be lucky enought to hit the Red-Hot jackpot of 20,000 credits!

1X, 2X, 3X, 5X, 10X and 20X Bonus Multiplier increase your payouts and the fun!

Double Down Bonus Spins:

This three reel multiline game has 2X & 4X Multipliers, and Bonus Spin symbols.

Get two Bonus Spin symbols in any position, and the reel without a Bonus Spins symbol respins!

Hit three Bonus Spins symbols in any position and get 10 Free Spins with all payouts doubled during free spins. 2X & 4X Multipliers increase your chances of big payouts on Double Down!

Triple Wild Super Spin:

This three reel multiline game has tons of Bonus Multipliers!

In addition to the Bonus Spin feature. 3X Wild, 7 symbol with 2X or 3X multipliers, Triple Bars with 3X Multiplier, Double Bars with 2X Multipliers. Win up to 27X the regular payout on a single spin!

Hit three Bonus Spins symbols in any position and get 10 Free Spins with all payouts doubled during free spins. Get a Bonus Spins symbols on two reels and you’ll get a shot at hitting a third Bonus Spins symbol with the free single reel respin on the third reel.

Pirates Chest:

Steal the Treasures of the Caribbean with this 5 reel multi line slot game. 12 different symbols and the whirlpool Free Spin.

Hit three or more Free Spin symbols in any position and win 10 Free Spins. All payouts are doubled during free spins, and any Wild symbol on a payline doubles all winning payouts except for all Wild lines.

357 Magnum Slots:

This 5 reel multiline slot game will make you feel lucky, punk!

3X, 5X & 7X Bonus Multipliers on reel 1, 3 & 5 increase your payouts up to 105 times! Hit the jackpot for a whopping 250,000 credits on a 5-credit bet!

Play 1, 3, 7 or 9 lines with bets of 1-5 credits. Features Bars, Cherries and Gold 7 symbols.

Lucky Strike:

Featuring Rubies, Diamonds and Emerald gemstones, Gold, Silver & Bronze bars, and the classic Cherries symbols.

Mine your way to a fortune in this 5-reel multiline game with two 7X Bonus Multipliers that increase your payouts up to 49X!

Play 1, 3, 7 or 9 lines with bets of 1-5 credits to strike it rich!

Double Wild Respin:

Play 1, 3, 7 or 9 lines with bets of 1-5 credits on this 5 reel multiline game.

Features Bars, Cherries, Silver and Gold 7 symbols, along with the Bonus Free Spin symbols.

Hitting three or more Free Spin symbols in any position awards 10 free spins with all payouts doubled!

Hi Five Jackpot Deluxe:

This three reel game is back with multiline play.

Bet 1-5 credits, and play 1-5 lines. Cherries, Bars, Sevens and a Five Times multiplier that stacks with your winning payouts. Get two ‘5X’ symbols on the same line, and increase your win 25X!

Get all five 5X symbols in an ‘X’ pattern for the big win Jackpot win of 20,000 credits!

Double Paycheck Deluxe:

Wilds not only matches any symbol on the payline, it doubles the winning payout too!

Hit two ‘Double’ symbols on the payline, and your winning combination is quadrupled!

Bet 5 credits at a time and win up to 4,000 credits in one spin on this multiline, three reel slot game.

Black Gold Double Jackpot Deluxe:

‘Double Jackpot’ symbol doubles your winning payout. Two Doubles on the same payline multiply your win by 4X!

White, Black and Gold Sevens, single and double bars, and payouts on any three symbols on the payline, you’re sure to win big with this multiline Double Jackpot Deluxe slot!

Triple Payday Bonus Deluxe:

We can’t triple your paycheck, but we can triple your wins, or even multiply your winning payout by 9X!

Bars, Sevens, and Triple bonus multiplier on this multi-line three reel game. Hit the Jackpot and win up to 7,500 credits!


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System Requirements: iOS 10 or newer for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad. Updated for iPhone 6, iPhone 6+


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