Timing Close Captions with Aegisub

If you’ve ever needed to add closed captions to YouTube or FaceBook, Aegisub is a great, free program for creating closed caption Subrip files (.srt). Subrip files are what you upload to FaceBook or YouTube to add Closed Captions to videos.

Aegisub is available from Aegisub.org, and it’s free.

Here’s a tutorial on how to time closed captions from a transcript using Aegisub.

How to Add ‘Apply Changes to Prefab’ to right-click menu in Unity3D


It’s extra steps and work to keep going to the GameObject window in Unity3d to select ‘Apply Changes to Prefab’ after selecting the prefab. Now you can do it just by right-clicking the prefab and selecting ‘Apply Changes to Prefab’ from the context menu. Just download the editor file here and add it to a folder named Editor (as seen in project folder in the video).

Apple ‘Clips’ app



It looks like this app will create ‘open captions’ using iOS’s speech recognition. Open captions are captions which are ‘burned’ into the video, which would be a great for adding captions to videos on Twitter. Twitter currently has no Closed Caption api to add, or display closed captions in videos embedded in tweets. (Note – video above has no audio).

So Clips could be good for embedding open captioned videos to tweets, making them more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing. This would have been great for Vine. RIP.

This feature will also upload clips to Twitter, FaceBook, Youtube and Instagram, and requires iOS 10.3, which will be coming soon as well.

Via Apple:
“Live Titles let you easily create animated captions — just by talking as you record. Choose from a variety of styles, all perfectly timed to the sound of your voice.”

More on the Clips App from Apple.

N.B – ‘open captions’ can’t be turned off, they’re ‘burned’ into the video frames of videos, whereas ‘closed captions’ can be turned on or off.

Adjusting Subtitle timing for Subrip (.srt) Closed Captions.

If you have an iTunes movie that isn’t Closed Captioned, you can often find a subrip subtitle file online (.srt file). Sometimes the subtitle timing is off, either showing captions before characters speak, or after.

You can fix this using free programs, and build the captions right into the iTunes file. This won’t strip FairPlay DRM, but it will allow you to add your own captions, since Apple/iTunes can’t be bothered to ensure all movies and shows are Closed Captioned outside the US.

I use Jubler subtitle editor for adjusting the timing on subrip (.srt) files, and Subler for adding the subtitle file to iTunes movies.


Using AnimationCurves in Unity3D

Another use for AnimationCurves in Unity3D is to adjust the speed of things without changing variables, or adding complicated curves. The variable we want returned is the Y-Point (a float from 0.0 to 4.0), based on time (from 0.0 to 1.0, going left to right).

As time gets closer to 1.0, the Y-point decreases from 4.0 to 1.0.

powerbarReverse.fillAmount += Time.deltaTime / powerCurveStart.Evaluate (powerbarReverse.fillAmount);

powerbarReverse is a UI Image whose image type is filled. As you change the fill amount from 0.0 to 1.0, the image fills in, in the Fill Origin type specified in the inspector.

powerCurveStart is the Animation curve below. As time goes on, the image will fill faster, as Time.delta time gets divided by a smaller number.

AnimationCurve used when the Power Bar is moving forward (increasing).

AnimationCurve used when the Power Bar is moving forward (increasing).


powerbarReverse.fillAmount -= Time.deltaTime / powerCurveEnd.Evaluate (powerbarReverse.fillAmount);

powerCurveEnd is the Animation curve below. It will start at 1.0, and the image will unfill as time goes on. It starts fast, and slows down. When it reaches 0.33 is the speed will stay constant. The speed stays slow and constant at this point so players can decide if they want to add spin to the bowling ball to make it hook left or right.

AnimationCurve used when the Power Bar is reversing (decreasing).

AnimationCurve used when the Power Bar is reversing (decreasing).


To add spin or hook the ball, the player would stop the power bar on either side of the “bump” in the left side of the power bar meter. If the player stops it where shown below, the ball will have no spin and roll perfectly straight down the alley.

Power Bar Meter

Sample code is below. A UI.Button calls the SwingClub() routine, which starts, reverses and stops the power bar with each press.

private int pbDirection = 0; 
public Image powerbarForward;
public Image powerbarReverse; 
public AnimationCurve powerCurveEnd;
public AnimationCurve powerCurveStart; 
public enum swingType { swingInactive, startSwing, stopSwing, endSwing, BallThrown };
public swingType actionstate;

public void SwingClub()
         case swingType.swingInactive: StartSwing(); break;
         case swingType.startSwing: StopSwing(); break;     
         case swingType.stopSwing: EndSwing();break;    
 void StartSwing()
     if(playerReadyButtonActive) { return; }
     actionstate = swingType.startSwing;
     pbDirection = 1;
     StartCoroutine (MovePowerBar());
 void StopSwing()
     powerbarForward.fillAmount = powerbarReverse.fillAmount;
     pbDirection = -1;
     actionstate = swingType.stopSwing;
void EndSwing()
     pbDirection = 0;
     actionstate = swingType.endSwing;
IEnumerator MovePowerBar ()
     while (pbDirection != 0)
          if (pbDirection == 1)
           powerbarReverse.fillAmount += Time.deltaTime / powerCurveStart.Evaluate (powerbarReverse.fillAmount);
             if (powerbarReverse.fillAmount >= 1.0f)
                 pbDirection = -1;
                 powerbarForward.fillAmount = 1f;
                 actionstate = swingType.stopSwing;
             powerbarReverse.fillAmount -= Time.deltaTime / powerCurveEnd.Evaluate (powerbarReverse.fillAmount);
             if (powerbarReverse.fillAmount <= 0f)
                 pbDirection = 0;
                 actionstate = swingType.endSwing;
         yield return null;


Arcadia Slots HD for Apple TV

Arcadia Slots HD – now available for Apple TV along in addition to iPhone, iPad and iPod. 

Apple-TV-iPad-Air-2-iPhone-6s-horizontal AS1


Wild Jackpots:
Win 2 to 5,000 credits – Wild! symbol matches any other symbol on the payline. Hit three Wild! symbols in a row to win the Jackpot.

24 Carat Double Sevens:
Win up to 10,000 credits – ‘Double’ symbol matches any other symbol on the payline, and doubles your payout. Two Doubles on the same payline quadruple your payout! Hit three ‘Double’ symbols in a row to win the 10K Jackpot.

Wild Gold Silver & Bronze:
17 different ways to hit a winning payline, from any three different symbols of the same color, to three ‘Wild!’ symbols in a row. Any combination of a Gold, Silver, and Bronze symbol in order gives an even bigger win. Hit the jackpot for 5,000 credits!

Double Paycheck:
Wilds not only matchany symbol on the payline, it doubles the winning payout too! Hit two ‘Double’ symbols on the payline, and your winning combination is quadrupled! Win up to 2,500 credits in one spin!

Black Gold Double Jackpot:
10,000 credit jackpot – the ‘Double Jackpot’ Wild doubles all winning pay lines. Two Doubles on the same payline multiply your win by 4X! See if you can hit those Lucky Sevens!

Triple Payday Bonus:
We can’t triple your paycheck, but we can triple your wins, or even multiply your winning payout by 9X! Bars, Sevens, and Triple bonus multiplier.

Double Gold Silver & Bronze.
Similar to Wild Gold Silver & Bronze, but with bonus multipliers. Double or even quadruple your winning paylines, and a jackpot work 4,000 credits!

Hi Five Jackpot.
Cherries, Bars, Sevens and a Five Times multiplier that stacks with your winning payouts. Get two ‘5X’ symbols on the same line, and increase your win 25X!

Lies Companies tell Deaf and Hard of Hearing Canadians about online Closed Captions.

“We’re working on it.”

“It’s on our roadmap.”

“Thanks for making us aware of the issue.”

“We’re working towards providing closed captions.”

This is just some of the BS told to deaf and hard of hearing Canadians when it comes to the lack of closed captions in online content on Canada. It’s been going on for years. In June of 2012, I received an email from CTV’s Executive Producer Mark Sikstrom:


It took 3 years and 9 months for CTV to add closed captions to their online news videos.



Space.ca wants to thank me for letting them know about the “closed captioning issues” on their site. Almost 6 months later, they still haven’t ‘solved the issues’. It took me one day to figure out how to make online Closed Captions work on OS X, Windows 8 & 10, Windows 8 Mobile, Android, and iOS.

For weeks, they advertised a new show, “The Expanse”, and that you could preview the first two episodes online at their website. Except there’s no closed captions, so deaf and hard of hearing Canadians are screwed. The sad part? Syfy, the producers of this series also has this show on syfy.com, and it’s closed captioned (but only available to to watch if you’re in the US). Almost 6 weeks later (as of this posting date), and there’s still no closed captions on the episodes on Canada’s Space.ca.


Telus has been telling me about how they’re ‘working on it’ as well, when it comes to close captioning live streaming television in their Optik TV Go app. I’ve asked about this several times over the years:


Still no closed captions for their live streaming tv on their app.

Every time a broadcaster or telecom tells me, “They are working on it!”, I always think of this scene from the movie Shooter:

“Working on it” is the new version of, “The check is in the mail.”

Time to end the BS, and #GetCaptioning.

How to Add Closed Captions to purchased iTunes movies.

In Canada, we have poor disability laws –  nothing like the ‘Americans with Disabilities Act’ where all online movies are tv shows are required to be closed captioned by law. In Canada, all we have is the CRTC’s ‘working document proposal‘, sections 51-52. (Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2015-104). No laws. No acts. Nothing for Canadian broadcasters to comply with.

So deaf people get screwed over in Canada by Telus, Bell Media, CTV television, Space.ca, and a whole host of other Canadian broadcasters that can’t be bothered to close caption online content.

Apple’s iTunes Canada is somewhat better. Almost all new movies are closed captioned. However, once in a while, you’ll find a movie on iTunes Canada that isn’t closed captioned. Tonight, it was Cairo Time, a 2009 movie. To add insult to injury, it’s closed captioned in the US store. <head-desk>

However, if you can find English Subrip subtitles online (.srt file), and you have a Mac, you can add closed captions yourself.

You’ll need to download a program called Subler. The movie below shows the steps involved.

Note – this does not remove or modify the FairPlay DRM. You’ll still need iTunes or an Apple device to play the movie.