Subrip to iTunes Text Track (.srt to iTT) converter

This is one of a few accessibility programs I’ve been working on.

This application imports subrip files and converts them to iTunes Text Tracks for YouTube.

Advantages it has over Final Cut Pro X is it directly imports subrip files, and the exported iTT file works properly on YouTube.

Currently Final Cut Pro X exports iTT captions with a default cellResolution of 32:15, a holdover from CEA-608 Closed Captions which had a limit of 32 characters per line, and a maximum of four lines of text.

Two side by side images of video displaying similar captions on YouTube. The one on the left shows the closed captions centered in the video, while on the right captions are on the left side of the video.

One the left is how captions are supposed to display in YouTube, on the right is how captions with lines longer than 32 characters show on YouTube.

Currently, YouTube shunts captions to the left side of the video if any line of captions is has more than 32 characters, as shown below, on the right.

This program sets the limit to 48 characters per line, and warns you when a caption exceeds that limit so you can avoid having YouTube screw up the positioning.

It also allows you to assign color styles to entire lines of captions, which can be handy when you have several people talking – colored text can help deaf and hard of hearing viewers understand who is speaking.

In the preferences is an option to add a name tag to the beginning of captions to also help identify the speaker.

Preferences showing four settings: AutoLoad next Caption. Show Speakers name where possible when exporting captions. Maximum characters captions can have with speaker's name tag. Caption Background Opacity.

It’s still beta, so expect bugs/crashes. This version will only work until the end of December 2018. I’ll be updating (and extending the trial period) it as I finish it up and polish it off.

You can download it here: Subrip to iTT